The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors, these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

November 2021

Start of the TFC Project Plan.

December 2021

Start TOP Development

December 2021

Prepared Social Media Accounts

December 2021

Partnership With GOIGI Agency

December 2021

Start Token Development

January 2022

Start Preparation of ICO

Jan 2022

Start ICO Crypto Platform Development

Jan 2022

ICO Platform With Full Solutions.

Feb 2022

Whole Project Revision & Bugs Removed.

Feb 2022

Tiger Force Coin Awareness

Feb 2023

IPTV Bugs Removed

August 2024

Start IPTV Entertainment Services in Progress

August 2024

Starting E-commerce Online Store

September 2024

Development & Digital Marketing Agency

Oct 2024

Launching Tiger Force Game

November 2024

Launching Mobile Wallet

November 2024

Launching NFT's

December 2024

Launching TFC Exchange

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